Pre-packaged end-to-end solution for small & medium practices

DOC-EMR is the best in class Electronic Medical Record system to specifically address the needs of small & medium group practices.


DOC-EMR allows binding with an existing billing/scheduling system in the practice. All patients and their schedules may be made available in DOC-EMR. Your existing investments will not be lost. Re-training of staff is also eliminated.


HIPAA regulations compliance ensures that the data is kept secure, and patients' privacy is maintained.


DOC-EMR can connect to decision support systems on the web to aid practitioners with drug interactions, allergy checks, drug monographs, flowsheets etc.

Key Benefits
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Patient Retention
  • Easy Connectivity with Systems
  • Streamlined Back Office and Front Office Operations
  • Increased Revenue from Billing Accuracy
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Increased Medical Data Accuracy

Physicians Notes provides the following capabilities:
  • Dynamic, Comprehensive and Fully Customizable
  • Automatically pulls in medications, problems and allergy information
  • Save notes as drafts to facilitate for later completion
  • Finalize notes with electronic signatures
  • Recommended coding levels
  • Data Propagation across Encounters, Visits and Notes
  • Pre-populate fields with common diagnoses or comments
  • Exact replica of your paper forms No change to your current Forms


Patient Demographics
DOC-EMR allows the practice to maintain full patient details, insurance details, past records, etc., and makes this information easily accessible.

Visits Management
DOC-EMR records each visit, each encounter and all activities that occur during the encounter, for summary reports and audit purposes.

Vitals Management
DOC-EMR enables the practice to record a patient's vitals per encounter and perform trend analysis to help serve the patient better.

Allergies Information
DOC-EMR allows the physician to track the allergies for a patient, thereby supporting the physician in making the right prescriptions.

General Problems
DOC-EMR allows the physician or nurse to record the patient's complaints as well as diagnoses made by the physician.

DOC-EMR allows the physician to maintain the medications prescribed for the patient. The physician may also generate prescriptions or send e-prescriptions directly to pharmacies.

Lab Orders/Results
DOC-EMR allows the practice to order lab tests and record the results. These orders may be sent electronically to labs like Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, etc.

Physician Notes
DOC-EMR most powerful feature is the physician notes capability. Replicate and easily manage all your paper-based forms and notes.

DOC-EMR generates alerts and reminders for critical tasks, and abnormal lab results, based on user's role and access available.